Our process is based on state of the art equipment combined with unmatched experience and precision


Design & 3D Prototyping

We specialize in constructing and prototyping metal constructions for various types of products. To us design and functionality are equally important and we take into consideration every small detail to ensure the best possible performance of the finished product. We start with 3D design of all required elements and then we assemble the product virtually. This allows us to work with ultimate precission and eliminate any possbile flaws during the future product's exploitation.

We start with our clients' ideas in the form of sketches, pictures or even text description and we turn them into real objects that hep them take their business to new heights.


Laser Cutting & Metal punching

We offer CNC laser cutting of black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass at low prices and fast turnonver. Our production base is equipped with TRUMPF machines and brand new Fibre laser.

Laser cutting is mostly used when the product requires details with specific shape and ultimate precision at 0.01mm is key to successful funtioning of the finished product.

rodiz laser cutting

Machine Folding

Cost efficient and short lead times. We have the capacity of bending metal from 1/32 to ½” thick in a variety of shapes and quantities. From one-off requests to complex projects requiring mass quantites, we have the equipment and skill to fabricate it all.

Our equipment allows us to fold materials of various thickness which are up to three metres in length. We also offer storing details for your parts in a database, which ensures a quick reaction should you require any more of the same fold.


Machine & Custom Welding

The right choice of welding methods can be the difference between short and long life of a product. Our engineers' experience and competence is our guarantee for delivering metal products which do not suffer a degree of wear that shortens their lifespan.

Rodiz offers variety of welding solutions for aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. We provide MIG, TIG and Spot welding services.

rodiz powder coating

Powder Coating

We work only with renowned paint and finish manufacturers who guarantee the best paint quality after ... as well as resistance to scratches. In our process we use different kinds of paint for products intended forinterior and exterior use.

Apart from choosing your preferred colour, you can also select different surface finishing - smooth, textured or shagreen. Our preferred painting system is GEMA and all colors are RAL based.


Quality Assurance

Constant monitoring of the production process allows us to locate and eliminate any flaws while your product is in production phase. This gurantees that the final product will be up to the specified standards and meet or exceed your expectations. Quality over Qiantity. We do not scarifice performance, looks or reliability to keep the cost as low as possible.

rodiz quality control