Payment Terminal Kiosk

The PAYMENT TERMINAL Kiosk is a multifunction payment device

RODIZ Ltd.  is the owner and sole manufacturer of the model design.

The PAYMENT TERMINAL can change its function depending on the wish of the distributer. Currently it is mostly widespread for the payment of bills to mobile operators, state institutions (taxes, fees, dues to the traffic control administration), internet, electricity, water, etc. providers thus saving expenses for office rent and personnel maintenance. The PAYMENT TERMINAL can be also used as lottery and totaliser station.

The PAYMENT TERMINAL can support freely the following options:

  • Wireless internet
  • Online payments accepting all kinds of banknotes and coins, giving change back
  • Issue of cash checks
  • Scanning of barcodes on slips, invoices

In case the client wishes different or more peripheral devices the design can be reworked, while preserving the overall construction.

The terminal is approved by operators in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina